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I am looking to other vistim of Mingenies.The worse thing we ever did was to hire this company.

They always had excuse and after almost two years of countless hours we have nothing but excuse and they stole $20,000. They are very rude and figure we have your money so tuff. I have never experienced such a fraudulant company in my life.

I will not allow this and looking for other to form a class action law suit.I would also like any information other can pass on to assit us in the getting the word out about this company.

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MindGenies - Harassing Employees

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my fiancee who is working in a indian software MNC for past 3 years.on joining document they have mentioned there should be 1 month of notice period before leaving the company.

she have got a better job last month and she had submitted the paper for revealing on April 1st. on April 8 they have sent a notice to all employees that from April 1st the notice period is been extended to 2 months. but its not been informed to her when she submitted releaving papers and she have agreed to join the new company by may 3rd since by may 1st one month notice period is getting over. but now their pm is not ready to releave her since they have not got a replacement for the past 5 weeks.

since the situation is critical my fiancee requested the new company office to delay her joining date by a week [on may 8th]. first her present company pm agreed to relaever her by 3rd then they said they will releave her by 7th but in the last Minuit they have mailed that the notice period is 2 month and she have to work till may end. in this situation its a big threat for her carrier their new company would not accept her joining date late than 8th. she is totally flustered, this will harm her carrier and mentally.

need a suggestion how to get rid of this situation and get releaving letter on or before 8th.please guide us

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